You’ve Gotta Stop Being So Serious!


Have you ever had someone say to you “Stop taking yourself so seriously!”, “Loosen up!” or “Take it easy!”

Do you have a hard time socializing and letting go of your inhibitions?

Well, you know what… I had the worst case of it. I grew up in a typically SERIOUS family, with big GOALS, ASPIRATIONS and things that had to get done. Most of the discussions around the family table were serious debates and included lots of facts and figures… in fact the biggest topic discussed at the dinner table was BUSINESS and MAKING MONEY.

Now there nothing wrong with being serious, and theres nothing wrong with having a good debate… and theres certainly nothing wrong with having goals (in fact goals are a big part of my life, so should they be in yours).

BUT… and it’s a big “BUT”… the problem with being serious is that it’s the exact OPPOSITE of socializing and having fun on adultfrienedfinder… and the better you are at socializing, the easier it will be for you to obtain a girlfriend and develop your social circle.

What you’re doing when you’re being serious is that you’re placing MEANING and PURPOSE to all your thoughts, actions and words… and this typically equates to judging, worrying and analyzing… being serious is great for when you’re working, but NOT for when you’re trying to have “fun” and pick up women.

When you are being SOCIAL or talking to women, you need to be the exact opposite of serious… which is being FUN. And when are you fun?

Well you’re being fun when you’re joking around, being sarcastic, teasing, being stupid, exaggerating a situation… or in other words, you’re fun when you’re NOT MEANING anything and there is NO PURPOSE other than to enjoy the moment.

Up until a couple of years ago, I had a hard time joking around, let go of being serious and “having fun”… and this had a negative effect on my ability to socialize and get a girlfriend or use of thrusting dildo. If you’re having the same problems, you MUST learn to let go of your need to be right, and learn to live in the moment and “socialize” yourself by having fun in social situations.

I have already covered this in several articles, but in further articles to come, I will show you what’s involved with “socializing” yourself… which is really a matter of having fun whenever you’re talking to someone, something which I call SOCIAL VALUE ADDING by using EMOTIONAL COMMUNICATION.