Picking Women On Online Dating Websites


If you are using a feature rich online dating website, always make sure to pay very close attention to how each woman describes her body type. “Full figured”, “more to love”, these are all obvious no’s (unless you’re into that sort of thing). However, what if she says “about average?” Guess what? Her idea of “average” and your idea of “average” is most likely very different. Her body is not attractive, and this rule has ALWAYS applied in my experience. Move on.

That leaves things like “athletic” and “toned” and “slender” as the only applicable options. If you get athletic and toned, thats usually a good sign, but remain on the lookout since butch women with linebacker shoulders will choose this description also. This makes slender by far the best description. If she’s putting slender and is anything but, you have every right to call her out on it when the two of you meet in person. It’s just ignorant and rude (and it does happen, unfortunately) to blatantly lie about what you look like on an online dating site like adultfriendrfinder. Small fibs you can let slide as long as the person looks at least mostly like what you were led to believe. However, if she says that she’s thin and ends up weighting 150 pounds, that’s just not cool.

3) Don’t pay any attention to how much they exercise. They are lying most of the time. If she says that she goes to the gym four times a week, she is probably talking about the one week three years ago when she went four times. In reality she may go once a week, or twice per month for all you know. On the other hand, she could be telling the truth. Regardless, how often they say that they exercise is so unreliable it’s best for you to just completely ignore it.

These rules sound simple, but they are important. It’s awkward to meet someone for the first time and in 5 seconds realize that your value is so much higher than hers and you feel sick to your stomach, and embarrassed to be stuck on a date with them. Not to mention that you’ll be extremely pissed off because of all of the time you wasted gaming her. For that reason, always keep the first date short (I do coffee) unless you are SURE she’s hot and you will be satisfied. The last thing you want to do is waste money on a date with a woman you want nothing to do with