Long Term Relationships


In The Bedroom

If you want to keep any decent girl for a long period of time you will need to be at least fairly skilled at laying the pipe. Many men get ditched or cheated on by their girlfriends because of their inability to satisfy them in the sack, so don’t let yourself be added to that list. Training yourself to be good at sex is a great skill to have for not only LTRs but for general dating as well, because when you are dating random women and not looking for a LTR being a great lover will guarantee that you will get return sex often and also help you maintain your booty calls for as long as you wish.

During a long term relationships is the BEST time for you to practice your sexual techniques, because both you and your partner will be totally comfortable with each other and will have a greater level of sexual communication than you would with a stranger or a girl you only have sex with occasionally. I recommend getting in as much “practice” as you can 🙂 You should also experiment as much as possible with your LTR lover and try as many freaky things as possible, this also adds spice to your sex life and helps to keep the relationship healthy. Roleplaying and video taping also spices up your bedroom antics and adds a fun element as well.

If you need some good tips on becoming better at sex you should read my “How To Make A Girl Orgasm” article.

The LTR Alpha Male

Want to know the absolute BEST trick to maintaining your alphaness while in a LTR? Do exactly the opposite of what normal LTR guys do. Stare at other women while your girl is next to you, you can even make comments. Almost every day I’ll be with my girl and I’ll make comments on other women, whether negative or positive “Look, she’s got a nice ass”, “She’s got a nice body but the face is ugly”, “Wow that chick’s got a pretty face”. Don’t be scared to say stuff like that. If you’ve got some hefty balls you can even talk to some other babes on adultfrienedfinder in front of your girl, a little jealousy is good for a relationship and it keeps you in total control.

In every relationship there is one dominant person and one submissive, if not then the relationship will never work. Two dominants don’t mix because they will clash much too often, and two submissives won’t mix because they both will feel a constant need to be dominated that is not being fulfilled. In order to be a LTR alpha you NEED to be the dominant person in your relationship. You do this by making sure that : when the two of you go out it is always to where YOU choose, when you take her to the movies you see the action or horror flick instead of the chick flick, when you have sex it is when YOU want it not just when she’ll “let you”, the list goes on. The bottom line is : It’s your rules, your way, your the man and she knows it.

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