eHarmony will take the guesswork out of finding a great long term match for you as their dating site uses a scientific approach to find the perfect matches for members. eHarmony was created for heterosexuals looking for a serious relationship, and if that’s you, join the thousands of other members in a successful search for the right relationship. eHarmony even has options for married couples with a marriage package designed to create the necessary skills for a healthy, happy marriage. Give it a try today!

Author and clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren founded eHarmony in 2002. eHarmony is the first dating site that uses both science and psychology to find out the match capability of a couple, and based on that number, offer matches that have high probabilities of success. This scientific approach seems to be working as eHarmony statistics indicate that over 90 eHarmony users get married every single day. eHarmony has 15 million registered users in all of the 50 states and 200 countries. There are members of every race and religion. eHarmony is one of the most widely used and respected dating services on the Internet.

• Site URL:
• Year Established: 2002
• Regions Served: Worldwide
• Number of Members: over 15 million
• Free Membership: No
• Premium Membership: No
Relationship Types: Long-term relationships, looking for marriage, married couples.

Search by

You can only search by matches that are available after you fill out the personality profile. eHarmony finds the matches that are best suited for you, and you can’t randomly search their database of users. Within your matches, though, you can search using the Matching Model itself or your match settings.

Member Viewing Tools

The profiles of members that are matches to you will be made available to you. You can see their photos (should they choose to post them), and you can view by the Matching Model.

Communication Tools

Once eHarmony finds other members who are compatible with you, there are 2 steps of communication.

1. Guided Communication – This is to help you and your matches get to know each other without the awkward conversation that usually fills first meetings. It will allow you to find out things about the match before you become emotionally involved with him or her. If you choose this option of communication, you will pick the five multiple-choice “ice-breaker” questions that your match must answer. In the next step, the staff at eHarmony will make up a list of “must have” and “can’t stand” traits for your potential match. Both you and your match will then exchange the lists to see how they stack up against each other. The last step offers you the chance to submit three open-ended questions to your match. You can create these on your own or choose from a preprinted list. Once the Guided Communication step is complete, you will go to the next communication step.
2. Open Communication – This is when you will begin to exchange e-mails with your match by using the eHarmony anonymous message system. You can do this until you feel you are ready to begin communication with your match off of the eHarmony site as this can be done by e-mails or over the phone.

There is also the option of the Fast Track communication option where you will use Open Communication with the matches that eHarmony finds right from the start.

Matching Tools

The search for your matches relies on a 436 question Relationship Questionnaire that will focus on the 29 key dimensions of compatibility that are divided into core traits. Some of these traits are character, intellect, humor, communication style, conflict resolution, and spirituality. Once you place your answers, eHarmony comes up with the matches for you.

Site Features

• Success Stories – Testimonials by satisfied eHarmony users
• Step-by-Step tour showing how eHarmony works
• A “Why eHarmony” link showing why eHarmony is the best dating site to use
• The initial profile is free
• The Guided Communication system is quite helpful to get the ball rolling.
• Their matching engine is far stronger than most sites on the market for example like adultfrienedfinder app.

Customer Support Yes

Special Offers

• FREE Compatibility Profile
• Various Packages options for joining

Closing Tidbits
eHarmony is not the competition, and that alone makes it quite valuable. The site takes making the right matches for you quite seriously, and thousands of happy users walk away from the eHarmony with the long-lasting relationship they were initially searching for. While the profile is fairly lengthy and takes a good portion of your life to fill out, the simple truth is that eHarmony has done its homework to ensure that you’re not finding profile matches you don’t want. As long as you’re honest with the profile questions, your matches are going to be very close to your needs in a long term relationship.

There are a few drawbacks with eHarmony. You can only meet the matches who have paid, so while you may have 68 matches, you may be able to begin the Guided Communication process with 5 of them. Second, you have to communicate with other members who contact you, which can be a bit of a burden at times. Even if you simply put them on hold, you have to take steps to communicate. Finally, you can’t view anyone you like, but this isn’t as much of a drawback as you might imagine. The eHamony slogan is “Fall in love for all the right reasons,” so they want to keep you viewing individuals who (scientifically) work with your needs. All in all, there’s a reason eHarmony is continually ranked as the top online dating site. The users are happy with the matches because they truly work.