Don’t Call A Woman For A Date Until You’ve Read These Rules


Don’t call a woman until you’ve read the following rules:

1) Don’t call to Chit-Chat: The longer you talk, the more likely the conversation will become boring. Don’t risk it. Keep all conversations short.

2) Call Only To Make A Date: When you call a woman, you only call to make a date. Wait until the date for everything else!

3) Talk Slowly: Most guys talk too fast and sound way too eager. Relax, and talk slowly!

4) Use Your Flirty Voice: Don’t sound like a robot when you’re on the phone asking her out. Use your flirty voice just like you do on adultfrienedfinder.

5) Sound Cheerful: The energy of your tone is very important. If you sound cheerful, the woman will feel more comfortable accepting the date from you.

6) Don’t Leave Her Messages: Messages are pretty useless. A lot of women just screen them and don’t answer them. Or they’ll just “forget” to call back.

7) Don’t Call Her Too Often: Don’t call her more than twice a day. If you call her at lunch and she
doesn’t pick up, wait 6 hours and call her again in the evening. If you call her in the evening and
she still doesn’t pick up, wait 2 days before you call again!

8) If a family member answers, just ask for her to call your back. Don’t leave any messages about meeting her, etc. You don’t want her to be embarrassed!

9) Hang Up Before She Does: Keep all conversations short and hang up as soon as you’ve made the date!

Dating Secrets Revealed: Smart Dating System Review

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