A Few Eye Contact Rules Revisited


Here are a couple of eye contact rules:

1) Don’t stare. Making eye contact is considered CASUAL and friendly. Staring is not. Stare at a woman long enough, and you will scare her away.

2) Be relaxed. This is VERY important. When you’re relaxed, you will be less likely to “stare” at a woman.

3) Don’t force eye contact if the woman is trying to avoid eye contact. That’s not making eye contact. That’s staring at her.

4) Have a slight smile after a “connection” is made through the eyes.

5) Allow the woman break eye contact first before you do when you say “Hi” to a woman. This will demonstrate your dominance and masculinity.

6) To have a passionate gaze, stare at an attractive part of a woman’s body when she’s not looking until you find yourself getting passionate. Then say something and make eye contact with her.

7) It’s okay to break eye contact during a conversation. You don’t have to stare at a woman’s eyes “all the time”.

8) Show a lot of eye contact when someone is listening.

9) Rolling your eyes up and talking slowly during a serious conversation can sometimes make your seem more intelligent. (Even if you’re not!)

10) Let a woman catch you checking her out. Then make eye contact again and smile.

What Leaning Forward Communicates To A Woman

For the most part body language experts and people in general will agree that leaning in while talking to a woman communicates that you are interested in what she has to say or maybe even in her.

They also might tell you that it is a good way to make a great first impression and you are more than likely to agree simply because when you like a woman it is natural to wan tot lean in as you really are interested in her.

However, leaning in while talking to a woman is something that you are going to want to avoid doing first, if it is at all possible to avoid.

While leaning in isn’t going to have much affect on women from adultfrinendfinder.com login who like you are they too will be leaning in, it will have a negative effect on women who are neutral in their interest in you.

Your leaning in means that they don’t have to act as if they like you because you are already showing your interest in them.

What makes it even worse is you r leaning in means they are the one that is dominating the conversation and you are seeking their approval.

Which mean s you are never putting them in a position to have to make a decision in regards to liking or not liking you because you have already shown by your actions that their being in the neutral position is good enough for you.

As for those women who don’t like you depending on what you have to offer they will either stop talking to you or use you how they see fit.

In other words, whether you realize it or not when you lean in with your conversation with a woman you put yourself at risk of ending up in the friend zone or getting used by women the majority of the time.